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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rain in the Back Yard

seems like i was just talking to a friend about the crazy rain patterns here on Guam- how it could rain on your neighbor's house and your house could be completely dry. as i sat on the hood of the car underneath the carport tonight, i noticed rain softly falling on our backyard.

i had decided to sit outside and think, as there is so much to think about. it was nice to have some quieter time to just be still and listen for a change. it's sometimes hard to find privacy here as the houses here are so close together in my neighborhood. you can either look at it as not having any privacy, or belonging to a close knit community :) however close the houses might be (with the noise of people hanging out and simply living), it was unusually peaceful and quiet tonight. quite refreshing.

random thoughts...
-Dad's been working very hard and has been seeking the Lord about possibly opening a school this year
-Mom is holding teacher and administrator training for school staff from different schools of the island
-we've found two possible locations for a school
-an opportunity has presented itself to hold a youth home group at our house
-our house is feeling more like home. "home is where the heart is" i've often heard, and if your heart is with the ones you love, i guess it doesn't really matter where in the world you are as long as you're together.

enjoying the calm before the storm,


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