thoughts of a missionary on the island of Guam

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reclaiming Ground

Never did I think that I would be a missionary. My passion is discipleship, not evangelism. Though I suppose missionary work can be a mixture of both.

My family's goal is to change lives through education- evangelism and discipleship through education. Too long has the enemy used this area to lead children astray. This is ground that needs to be reclaimed for the glory and purposes of the Lord. Time is short, but I'm determined to worry about nothing, pray about everything, and get busy.

I am not super talented, or even particularly smart, but the Lord has blessed me with some things and I'm willing to use them to further His purposes. I wish not to be ignorant of these various things, but rather a good steward.

I do know that what God has blessed me with is not merely for my joy or comfort, but for His glory. And glory be to God, for He has given me much.

So here I've come to Guam, and my family is now starting from scratch and working on the foundation of something I hope the Lord will richly bless.

All your prayers are much appreciated :)

Shine on,



ragamuffin4199 said...

as i read your words i see the spirit of a woman seeking the face of her God. you're a warrior, abigail. your heart is pure, and you are abandoned to Christ. let yourself fall into His hands and be used as an instrument of His grace, and be amazed by what He will do. may His mighty hand guide you and protect you...

Aaron Tifft said...

You and your family are doing a good work Abigail, I know you will be richly blessed for it!

I love reading the blog, it looks great!