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Sunday, August 17, 2008

rain on the front yard

I don't know why it perplexes me so that here it can rain on the front yard and not the back, or vice versa. But nevertheless, several days ago as I saw rain heavily falling on our front yard, it reminded me that I have gone too long without posting :)

So, the update:

We are starting the school this year! We have about 7 students at present and school starts on the 25th. Praise the lord for providing an affordable and quality space!

Also, I've accepted a position with a nearby school for this school year as a teacher (I'll be teaching kids to read!). My students are bright and eager, so I'm excited about the year.

In other news, God is good and always faithful to provide for everything that we need.

I'd like to give a more thorough update soon on all that has been happening, but alas I'll have to wait until I have more time to spare.

In love,


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Tori Watson said...

it's good to hear how things are going with you and the opportunity to be a teacher sounds so cool! what an awesome way for the Lord to use you while over there!

i look forward to hearing another update soon. :)

love you, girl.