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Monday, November 3, 2008

Almost Speechless

So today I found myself feeling pretty down, as it was officially my last day at the school. I did not for a moment expect a surprise "going away party" to be given in my honor! Around lunch time, I was obviously being stalled and was not allowed to go outside into the breezeway. When finally permitted to go, I found the kindergarten and 1st Grade students, along with all the teachers, waiting for me! The Kindergarten students had made an adorable banner decorated with hearts, hands, and sweet messages. My 1st Grade class came running at me with cards they made, and then I was given a bag of goodies from my co-laborers and treated with a delicious lunch! Aww!

And that's not all! This afternoon I received, not one, but two packages with my name on them! In the first I opened, I found colorful real Fall leaves, accompanied with some pictures of the beautiful Georgia mountains in fiery colors (the answer to a promise by a dear).

The other, I found a box full of some of my favorite things and notes from dear friends! Wow, how encouraging! So much goodness in one day, what can I say? I am a girl truly blessed :)

So thankful,


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