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Friday, February 25, 2011

you've got one shot

"You've only got one shot to live this life," I told myself this morning. Now 22 may sound young to you, but not to me. "Time flies," older people have said. Oh, it's true. The days are passing by more quickly than I can keep up with.

We just got cable in our house, much to my dismay, with the exception of access to T.C.M. (Turner Classic Movies- oh yeah!). I haven't watched hardly any T.V. for years now. Last night I had a home alone to catch up on what's on the tube. Boy, and what I've been missing out on! Ai adai. Anyhoo, The Last Holiday was on. A movie about a woman who has been responsible all her life, saved and invested her monies, and always taken the safe and secure route. She finds out that she has two weeks to live, and on that news, she has a good cry and then decides to take all of her money and live it up before she has to go. Later in the movie, after she's lived the adventurous lifestyle she had always been afraid to live, there's a point in which she looks in the mirror and says to herself that next go around, things are going to be different, that she's going to live more like she had been those two weeks.

Well, it got me to thinking, that I have but one life to live on this earth. After I die, or the Lord comes back first, things won't be the same down here at all. I've only got one shot at this situation. I'd hate to make it to the end of my course here and wonder what I did for the Lord; what I did that was of worth. Even now I look back and I can see time in my life wasted on frivolous things. I desperately want to hear a "job well done, my faithful daughter." That would be rapturous.

No Reserves
No Retreat
No Regrets
                                 -William Borden


Tabby said...

Beautiful, my dear sis. :] May you continue to faithfully run the race and pursue that imperishable crown!

Beth said...

Amen! Great thoughts Abby. :)

Maria Goff said...

very convicting...

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