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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

i made it!

well friends, i've made it. i'm finally in Guam! thanks for all your prayers, encouragement, and support.

Guam is a lovely island, though i've yet to see much of it. the sky is so blue and full of big white fluffly (or fluppy, if you're my nephew) clouds that float incredibly low. i got a glimpse of the seas as Dad was giving me a brief tour around.

i've never seen car windows so tinted before. everyone looks shady, but Mom assured me that it's quite a necessity around here because the sun is so bright.

here's a look at the house that we currently live in (thanks to the Lord's provision). this house is made of cement and has metal shutters on the windows to help protect against storms and typhoons. also, underneath the awning area is a sink and sort of kitchen area. i guess it's common around here for family's to take some of their meals outside. pretty neat!

it's certainly a nice change from where my family was first living when they arrived, though they were thankful for that too (pictured below).

i look forward to giving you more of an update on all that we're doing soon!
until then :)


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Abigail!

Wow, Guam is beautiful! I love ya'lls house. It's so structured and has just the right amount of flair. And man, what a sky.

:) I look forward to more photos and updates!


Susannah said...

Hey Abby!

I'm glad to see you made it to Guam. :) Thank you for sharing pictures-- it's beautiful! Your house is so cute too. I can't wait to see more updates! Love you dear!


Emme said...

hey abigail,
what lovely pictures. from your posts, guam does seem very much like Hawaii in regards to culture and lifestyle. I'm so excited for the opportunities you have there! praying for all of you!